SEVERAL UGANDA celebrities, who have endorsed politicians have not shared reasons for doing so.

This has become, a source of growing consternation with some Ugandans calling them sell outs, greedy and selfish. Honestly, I think celebrity endorsement of political candidates is their civic right.

Musician have composed a song for president Museveni

Musician have composed a song for president Museveni

Indeed they may receive an incentive or outright payment for their work, but this does not necessarily mean they are misleading people.

After all they are indeed celebrities and their faces and voices shall lend wider viewing to any advert they participate in.

Yes, they came out and endorsed President Yoweri Museveni and even composed a very “sexy” song praising him. But look at them from the other perspective.

These artistes have suffered the pain of ordinary Ugandans, they have traveled out and seen what the other side looks like.


need to help themselves and this is why many of their fans would follow them to vote for the person they endorse.

President Museveni has had meetings with virtually every interest group in Uganda including Muslims and Christians .For him to eat and drink with these young artistes, clearly shows that youths cannot be neglected.

However, their status is two-faced. Celebrities should also be aware that with a bigger platform, comes bigger responsibility. They owe it to their fans and their country to back a candidate they believe in, and with the best vision for the country as a whole. If this is not the principal motive of their backing, they are no different from a local village chief, who convinces his subjects to vote because he has gotten a new car and they will get bags of rice and sugar.

Endorsements are a sharp, two-edged sword. I propose that media houses interview these celebrities on their reasons for involvement.

This will be the easiest way of discerning opportunists from patriots.



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