IT’S WELL written in the bible in Mark 4:25; whoever has will be given more, and they will have in abundance.

Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.

Bonga- Bebecool shows the president how its done.

Bonga- Bebecool shows the president how its done.

Some depressed and jealous Ugandans, believe any artistes using their music to support Ugandan politicians (NRM or Museveni) is a traitor.

What most of them the don’t know is that some of the most vocal and “dear” opposition politicians that they support were given or won tenders to provide goods and services to the every government that they criticise.

My brothers and sisters, money talks. No body forced you to be in the opposition and no one will force you to support the NRM. Politicians and political parties are good partners for our musicians but our musicians are always afraid to do business with them because of what the general public and their fans are likely to say about them.

A journalist can write stories on different political parties and nobody will tag him as belonging to one of the parties but let a musician do a song for a political party and eyebrows will be raised.

There is no denying the fact that some musicians have complained badly about how some politicians and political parties have treated them which often stems from what the public and their fans talk about.


There should be a pattern or mode shift where musicians can comfortably work with politicians and make profits from whatever source they make their money

from without any bashing from their fans. For crying out loud, artistes are creative minded people who can do something profitable with their talents without necessarily being part of the dreams and aspirations of the political party which contracted him.

We should understand that musicians can work with politicians on fairly and strictly business relations with no strings attached or whatsoever. The only warning to such musicians is to be sure of whatever contract they sign with them and to also consider their image in their chosen career paths.


The writer Dixon Okello

The writer Dixon Okello

As a public figure, one should bear in mind that you have diverse fans with different mindset and thoughts on certain issues. Why do fans of musicians think it is okay for their idols to work with institutions like MTN when in actual fact, they use Airtel or Orange as their phonelines?


It is the same understanding with musicians working with politicians on business grounds. Talk about musicians who have had business relations with political parties in Uganda and names like Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone, Ragga Dee, Eddy Kenzo, Bobi Wine, Matthias Walukaga and more will come to mind.

Some of them do not have the political parties they worked with in power but they are still doing well in their careers without any threats of career collapse.

So what is the fuss about musicians, both gospel and secular in dealing with politicians on business lines?


Let`s leave them alone to make some money from these politicians because they make the world go round.

The time is now so let`s start the model shift.


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