TELLY STAR Anita Kyarimpa mostly known as Fabiola has come out to reveal why she broke up with lover Meddie Ssentongo.

Speaking to Campus Bee, the former NTV presenter admitted that Meddie was there for her in her most time of need.

Fabiola and Meddie are no more

Fabiola and Meddie are no more

Fabiola further revealed that their relationship failed to work mainly because of his illiteracy.

She told Campus Bee: “Well, we had a great relationship. Very good friends and most of all he was there for me when most people shunned me. However, the fact that he is illiterate and am educated, we

failed to connect in the long run. We were on totally different pages. Whereas am planning the next hit show, he’s planning the next party. So just like that we lost the connection but we are still in touch and friends. We lost the connection because we are too different people

Nothing happened…we just lost it over time… So we are now simply friends…nothing intimate…it’s possible to separate business and intimacy and that’s exactly what it is!

When you break up with someone you have also been working with, it doesn’t mean the business ends there…it has to keep going. And like I said, we are still friends. The only difference is that we are not in a love relationship anymore- simple as that.”




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