UGANDA’S GLOBAL star Eddy Kenzo could be set for a court battle in the United Kingdom.

A London based company Grajoh Talent Management has threatened to drag the singer to court after he skipped a music concert he had been booked and fully paid to perform at.

Kenzo faces a court battle in the United Kingdom

Kenzo faces a court battle in the United Kingdom

The company is also suing Zambian female musician Mampi.

Kenzo and Zambia’s Mampi skipped the AfrikaFest held at Troxy Arena in the English capital over the weekend without an explanation.

Grajoh now accuses Kenzo and Mampi

of breach of contract and demand damages in thousands of pounds.

Grajoh issued a statement which states in part:

“We would like to thank Anne Kansiime, Iryn Namubiru, Kidumu & Snipper Storm who travelled distances to honour their contractual obligations but more importantly for you their fans.

We would like to thank our UK based artists for they made this a welcoming home.

We would like to thank the community leaders who embrace and support our efforts.

We profusely apologise for the no show of Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo & Zambia’s Mampi Mukape. It’s no small matter. But we can assure you we did all required of us. There will be more about this in subsequent communications and through appropriate channels.”

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