IN MAY star musician Dr Jose Chameleone announced that he had parted ways with his then manager Robert Jackson Nkuuke commonly known as Mutima.

Fast forward. Last evening the singer insisted by issuing a statement regarding the said subject.

Chameleone and Robert Nkuke who he dropped recently

Chameleone and Robert Nkuke who he dropped recently

In the statement Chameleone thanked Mutima for all the good work done but insisted that he (Mutima) was no longer manager.

Here is the full release from Chameleone:

“I take this platform to Thank Nkuuke Robert Jackson (Mutima) for his extended loyalty as he served as Artiste Manager for me from 16th May 2014 to 16th May 2015. Your one year in Office representing me as a brand will always be appreciated. I here so notify the general Public, Friends, Fans and most important my

Business associates that Robert Jackson Nkuuke aka MUTIMA is No Longer representing Jose Chameleone as Manager. Robert thank you for your service, and outstanding qualities. Together with Team Chameleone and Leone Island Family,I wish you the very best in your next endeavors. May God bless you.”

Ever since the release of the statement last night, the public and Chameleone fans have been wondering why their star issued the announcement months after Mutima’s contract termination.

Xclusive UG can now reveal that Mutima has been masquerading as Chameleone’s manager all these months.

The singer told this website in an exclusive chat that Mutima needs to come clean and stop conning people of their monies.

Chameleone told Xclusive UG: “Mutima’s contract ended but he has continued to call himself my manager which he is not. I need to put this clear before the public.”

The singer further said that he wants Mutima to change his social media profile information that still portrays him as manager.


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