EVELYN LAGU is a Ugandan musician and has had a good year with her ‘Mbulila’ tune receiving a huge following and her latest single “Akalulu” is also doing some magic on the media wave.

Lagu has a new song

Lagu has a new song

Our writer Jonah Kirabo shared some moments with her and this is what you didn’t know about her…


Xclusive UG: Our reader would like to know, who is Evelyn Lagu? Tell us something about you..

Evelyn: I’m a very simple person from a simple background born on 11th/06/1982 in Kalungu, Masaka. I was born to the late Naggayi Gladys and the late Sembuusi Harman. I grew up in Mityana with my aunt the late Nanfuka Imelda and her late husband Mr. Lubega George. I have two sisters and three brothers, I am a catholic and from the nyonyi ndiisa clan.



Xclsuive UG: When did you start singing?

Evelyn: I’ve been singing and composing since primary. Actually Mityana people will tell you I used to run over disco trucks, went to clubs.


Xclusive UG: What was your first song and which among your songs is

your favourite?

Evelyn: Ogumanga did the introduction. I like “Akalulu” so much. It’s my latest.



Xclusive UG: What has been the hardest thing you’ve ever done for music?

Evelyn: My family is at stake as we speak, my husband thinks I care for my fans more than him and yet it’s my passion. However much I love him I love music more than anything.



Xclusive UG: Apart from music, do you have anything else you do?

Evelyn: Yes, am a mother and I also act. I have movies like Brenda, Bizibu family, kyoyagala, nduguddemu, butalbika hospital. And series like zubair, ekirungo etc.



Xclusive UG: Who inspires you in Uganda’s music industry?

Evelyn: In Uganda, I admire many artists. Angela Kalule for she’s really hard working. Kawalya, Mariam Ndagire, Juliana and Irene among others.



Xclusive UG: Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

Evelyn: I think I will be big. But of course it on the Lord who knows better.



Xclusive UG: Your hobbies?

Evelyn: Eating, laughing, going out and swimming.



Xclusive UG: Any last words for your friends, fans and followers?

Evelyn: I’m not going to let them down, I’m working hard. I thank them for the support and the jobs they give me.


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