BEING AN EVENTS promoter is a career for those, who are willing to take financial risks.

He or she must be energetic, have a strong work ethic, and have a high level of enthusiasm in order to execute a successful event, or to keep trying if one event has failed. Lately, there is a growing number of fake concert promoters.

Balaam is one of the top promoters in the country

Balaam is one of the top promoters in the country

The police must arrest them or else the good work done by honest and hardworking promoters, will also be tarnished. It’s now common for hundreds of people to turn up for a concert expecting to see some of the biggest names in the music industry and none of the headliners show up.


These promoters sometimes use pictures of top artistes on their posters to confuse the public and sponsors. They even cheat the few artistes who perform. The concert promoter, then disappears with millions of shillings leaving the innocent owner of the venue in trouble as chairs, tables are vandalized like it happened at Boma Hotel Gulu, Satellite Beach Mukono and Bukenya hall Luwero.



What A Promoter Must Do..


A Concert Promoter is not only in charge of putting together concerts, but also has many other duties. First and foremost, the Promoter needs to find the money needed to promote a concert by either raising money, or investing his or her own.


Another way this can be done is to seek out others who will share in the expenses and in return share some of the profits. With so many variables in promoting a concert, the Promoter must have a well thought out plan of action.


He or she will need to coordinate the following: what city the concert will take place in, what type of venue will be used, when the

show will take place, how many shows will be promoted, and who will headline the show.


One of the most important things a Promoter can do is create a starting budget. The budget is very important because without enough funds a promoter cannot properly generate enough excitement for the show.


Without enough excitement and exposure the Promoter is likely to lose money. Once negotiations are completed by the Promoter–which will include signing the headliner, supporting act(s) and renting the venue–he or she must then turn their attention to selling tickets.

The Concert Promoter must decide where to spend his or her advertising funds. They may choose to advertise on radio, TV, in print, online, social media, or anywhere deemed necessary.


Another key part of the advertising is to print and hang flyer and posters in areas where potential concert seekers will see them. The Promoter will then need to find a place to sell the tickets( the concert venue or a ticket agency) The Concert Promoter will then work with the main act, to build excitement for the show, the Promoter will figure out interviews, publicity stunts(like fake fights)press conferences, and more.


It is also common for the Promoter to hire a Press Agent or Public Relations firm to help coordinate all of the press efforts. The Promoter and or the Press Agent will also make sure the press releases, and complimentary tickets are delivered to media prior to the event.


The Promoter is also responsible for hiring and/or supervising others including Concert Photographers, Ushers, Stage Managers, Security, Lighting and Sound Technicians, and Stage Crew.


On the night of the concert the Promoter will usually meet with the act’s Manager to pay the act any money that was not already paid when the contract was signed. Once all other expenses are accounted for, the Promoter will know if he or she made money or not.

After a show Promoters will sometimes throw parties, either for the act or for the people who helped pull the event together.






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