Stacia Mayanja

Stacia Mayanja

YESTERDAY EVENING, social media was full of buzz how Stecia Mayanja distanced herself from using the products yet she was paid as the face to advertise for FACO.

This war emerged after information appeared on her Facebook wall reading: “Yes it’s true I did an advert for FACO but it doesn’t mean that am using their herbs and medicine please try to understand me. Am the same Stecia Mayanja, same figure, same bum, just because I gained cash, feeding myself good, healthy

and beautiful. I’m natural so my dears please stop that nonsense that am using FACO herbs”.

Following a controversial Facebook post made on her alleged account with backlashes, The Golden Band singer rushed to refute the allegations saying someone hacked into her Facebook account and wrote the post. “Friends as well as FACO Company, I’m truly sorry for the post that appeared on my wall yesterday claiming that I bashed the
same company I’m advertising. Someone hacked into my account and posted it without my knowledge. I saw the post late when it had already circulated but I later deleted it. I’m so sorry for the damages caused,” Stecia posted.


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