THE MUCH hyped Tubonga Naawe project where a group of twelve top Ugandan artistes composed a song and committed to being part ofPresident Yoweri Museveni’s national campaign rallies is no more.

The artistes were expected to traverse the whole country on Museveni's campaign trail

The artistes were expected to traverse the whole country on Museveni’s campaign trail

The artistes have angrily pulled out citing non-payment of money worth shs1.2 billion and counting.

Xclusive UG understands that while the president released the money to pay and facilitate the artistes, no one has yet to receive a single coin of the allocated money. Each of the twelve artistes on the Tubonge Naawe project was meant to receive shs5 million for every Museveni campaign rally they appear and perform at. Instead they have only received air.


The artistes are; Bebe Cool, Dr. Jose Chameleone, King Saha, Moze Radio, Weasel, Juliana Kanyomozi, Irene Namubiru, Haruna Mubiru, Rema Namakula, Mun G among others.


But for the last 23 rallies no one is yet to receive a single coin. As a result all the artistes have pulled out, apart from Bebe Cool and Dr. Jose Chameleone have stayed on partly because of their friendship with first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba who has given them handouts, and because they want to save face.

The whole project was valued at shs8.7 billion, money that was approved by Museveni, and according to our sources handed over to the NRM secretariat.


But greedy people close to Museveni decided to divert it into their own projects like buying huge chunks of land, mansions among others.


This website can confirm that the talent manager in charge of the project Lawrence Labeja was eliminated and threatened with arrest after he over demanded for artistes’ payment.


We understand that the NRM top thieves are

mainly eating the money with Capital FM presenter Marcus Kwikiriza who is one of them anyway.

Further, we are told these people- who we cannot name for now- have decided to drain Museveni’s campaign funds because has has told them this is his last time in office.

“They know it’s their last time to eat,” a first family source told us.

One artiste on the Tubonga Naawe told us last night: “Museveni is a good man and really cares about us. But most people around him are just about exploiting him. They don’t care about Ugandans at all, they are eating our country.”

The artiste adds that the last money they received was when they visited State House Entebbe. They were 15 musicians and Museveni ordered each gets shs5 million for their time and transport.

Yes, they received the shs5 million each but Museveni handlers signed money for 30 artistes meaning they pocketed or rather stole shs75 million.


These artistes are broken and what even hurts them more is the fact that other musicians who chose to embrace opposition are earning handsomely.

Musician Big Eye earns between shs3-4m for every Amama Mbabazi rally he attends. Speaking to Xclusive UG, Big Eye said: “I am not political in any way, I am just a businessman doing a job am paid to do and am happy with the payment.”

Chameleone and Bebe Cool are the only remaining on Museveni's trail

Chameleone and Bebe Cool are the only remaining on Museveni’s trail

But unlike Big Eye and some others performing at opposition rallies, the Tubonga Naawe stars were manipulated, used and duped, after being promised heaven and earth, into becoming direct Museveni agents. They publicly through social media endorsed Museveni. In turn they expected billions, instead they have so far got zero.


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