EVER SINCE THE loaded South African based Ugandans mainly referred to as Sangomas jetted into the country last Thursday, Serena Hotel has been a hive of activity.

Jack Pemba has been elbowed

Jack Pemba has been elbowed

Journalists, socialites, musicians, con men, politicians and many more have flocked the posh hotel in the hope of getting handouts from the extremely loaded

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Chief among the local socialites camped at Serena Hotel is Sheebah Kassami, the gorgeous lover of loaded Tanzanian Jack Pemba. For the last few days, Sheebah has been a regular at Serena targeting sangoma’s, especially Ivan Semwanga, dime.


Over the weekend, Semwanga- currently single and searching after being dumped by wife Zari Hassan- posted pictures posing with bundles of dollar notes.


Lately Pemba has been struggling financially only managing to splash cash once in a while.

Not many can blame Sheebah for her decision…


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