Lwakataka who has been in jail for the last one and half years accused for masterminding 9 murders has been released together with co-accused Vincent Fengasi.

The happy Lwakataka said that he is happy by the decision of court Having been released saying that all this was done to tarnish his name. He is now consulting his lawyers to see if he can sue those who took the case against him to court.

Masaka high court judge John Kaitirima dropped all charges against rally ace Ponsiano

Lwakataka in relation to the murder of 9 people in Rakai.

“I am happy with the latest news and I hope to consult my lawyers to have the next move. I have been in jail for long and my name has been tarnished, my family in problem but thank god i have been released,” said Lwakataka after being released in Masaka.





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