Fast fading RnB singer Azizi Mukisa famously known as Aziz Azion, as you read this is on a hunt of an investor to power his latest music projects.

Aziz and Plutinumz exchanging contacts

Aziz and Plutinumz exchanging contacts

This comes shortly after the singer had a close up meeting with Zari’s husband commonly known as Diamond Platinumz for a music collabo.

It’s apparent that Aziz met Platnumz a few days ago at a certain spot in town

and pleaded for a collabo with him; that can at least give him a push to the music scene since his latest ‘Am Bad’ single is not quite doing well for him as he anticipated.

However, the Tanzanian star approved his plead though with conditions of him footing the audio and video payments that amount to over 26,820,000 which he doesn’t have at hand. According to our moles, yet to be confirmed reports indicate that Aziz is set to sell off part of his father’s property in Lungujja to simply comply the Platinumz’ music collabo.

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