Gone are the colorful days of Chameleone and his personal musical manager known as Mutima.

Chameleone and Manager

Chameleone and Manager

News coming in today (12/01/2016) morning is not other than that of ‘Bwelele’ music guru, Chameleon spilling secrets on firing his long time buddy cum manager Mutima.  Chameleone however goes further alleging that Mutima is not that educated and is someone who can

not speak good English thus a shaming him. It should be noted that during their hey days, Chameleone bought Mutima a vehicle saying it’s a one way to appreciate his works as a manager. This drove Mutima paint the city with word of praise, saying he has never seen a person like Chamili who easily appreciates the good deeds of his close people. Besides, Chamili was once lens captured slapping his own Mutima in Juba articulating that he doesn’t understand at all what he’s doing.


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