Events CEO and Dubai-based Ugandan socialite, Sheila Patience Don Zella has again resurrected another bunch of nude photo joining the January race of nudity. The 29-year-old Socialite and a mother of 4(four) Posted the photo on her Facebook account with initials.

“The game taught me the game if u like Kim kardashian u can like zella I will run my own race until the finish line comment ur bullshit on ur own risk 28th re plugged I beg no nigga I work ma Own dimes!!!!”

The “Tusasanya” singer and Sheila

have been in-unstable relationship for long time fighting and accusing each other of unfaithfulness despite Sheila being the lead finance behind Big Eye’s music career. . A few weeks ago, Big Eye openly accused Sheila of planning to kill him after their relationship collapsed.

Don Zella wants to be like kim Kardashian.

Don Zella wants to be like kim Kardashian.


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