Our snoops have learnt that faded singer Faisal Seguya a.k.a Rabadaba has been all in need of a cold shoulder to cry on in hid to beg his wife and mother of his two kids, Sheila Ferguson to take him back.

Rabadaba on a trail of one of his videos

Rabadaba on a trail of one of his videos

According to sources close to the ‘Mukyamu’ singer, he has been barraging the gorgeous UK based babe with phone calls pleading for a second chance

to try work on their romance.

Sheila dumped Rabadaba a few months ago when she was pregnant with their second child, a year after their secret marriage. She goes further accusing him of allegedly cheating on her with a chorus of babes including a one Argentina who even tattooed Rabadaba’s name across her back. However, close pals to the tooth pick like skinny singer reveal that he is unwavering to do whatever it takes to win Sheila’s love and trust back. After years with the singer, Sheila’s mother is said to have advised her to cut ties with Rabadaba as she was always despondent


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