A LITTLE KNOWN Ugandan lady has been nominated in the BBC most Inspiring African Women list released on their website.

Josephine Agutu is recognized for her work in gold trade

Josephine Agutu is recognized for her work in gold trade

The BBC has been running a series about inspiring women across Africa, and followers of BBC Africa’s Facebook and Twitter pages have nominated their local heroines.


Josephine Agutu, a gold miner from Uganda, is nominated for “empowering women through Fairtrade gold” – an ethical jewellery certification system to get fairer wages for alluvial miners.


Ms Agutu began working in mines at the age of 12 and now, as part of the Tiira Small-Scale Miners Association, she participates in a pilot Fairtrade project to prevent child labour and

warn women about the dangers of using mercury to extract gold.

Her works have been recognized world over.


Others nominated on the prestigious list include Inkosi Kachindamoto, who is a chief in the district of Dedza in Malawi. She annulled 330 child marriages last year, sending the children back to school.


Marie-Claire Nabila Kuja, from Cameroon is nominated for her an unquenchable quest to ignite change in the lives of women and youths in Africa and beyond.

BBC recognizes Africa's unsung heroes

BBC recognizes Africa’s unsung heroes

Others are Louise Vale, executive director of the Association of Independent Publishers in South Africa, Charity Salima, a community nurse in Malawi, Kenya’s Chesang Domtila, and Mary Mangwiza for tirelessly supporting orphans of HIV/Aids in Malawi among a few others.


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