Daughter to city business man Hajji Mutaasa Kafeero has come out to defend her humiliating Scandal after her nude video with close pal went viral on WhatsApp. In the video, the 20year-old Mastula Kafeero and close pal identified as Bridgette are seen playing while holding each other in a bath tab.

A lot of controversy has been surrounding them with other media platforms citing possibility of both being lesbians as they are both seen in raunchy nude video in a bath tab.

Speaking to a local Tabloid Newspaper, Mastula comes out to defend

her self.

“I come from a very descent background I love my dad mum and family and I could never do such things to disrespect them or myself… as far as I know…. I could easily hook up with any man in Kampala if I want to,” she said.

A photo extacted from the nude video scene

A photo extacted from the nude video scene


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