THE MATTERS between TV presenter Katongole Omutongole and his wife Titi Tabel alias Lady Titie have taken an ugly twist after she reportedly ordered him to dump singer Zanie Brown recently.

Katongole and Zanie Brown

Katongole and Zanie Brown

After word recently circulating of how Katongole is involved in a bitter war with DJ Western over Zanie, the two men are now biffing each other after Katongole reportedly snatched her from DJ Western.


But when Titie learnt about their biff, she got concerned and started asking him questions, wondering why Western would attack and

accuse him of snatching Zanie. His pals reveal that she thus ordered Katongole to ditch Zanie and cut all ties with her if there is really nothing between them. But Katongole insists there is nothing between him and Zanie and that he is just trying to manager her musically.

Titie and Katongole's marriage has had more downs than ups

Titie and Katongole’s marriage has had more downs than ups

Titie is also said to have attacked Zanie and demanded she dumps her hubby.


A few months ago Titie fought radio presenter Rebbeca Jingo over Katongole.


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