Lyto Boss and Cissy pose for a photo

Lyto Boss and Cissy pose for a photo

last week, we revealed how Singer and songwriter Derrick Katongole famously known as Lyto Boss with his longtime lover Nanyonga Cissy welcomed a bouncing baby boy.

Lyto Boss thrilled with happiness left his home to see his new born baby, little did he know that a tragedy was waiting to befall him.

According to our

snoops, Dressed in black all through, the singer was blocked from accessing Nsambya hospital ward section. Eye witnesses saw a reaction that ensued at the labor ward while the security insisted that the only way through for Lyto Boss was to first clear part of the labor cost bills at the reception before proceeding with baby belongings.

The singer had not cleared any cost with total amounting to Shillings 1.4million for the last 5days her wife was in hospital. However he was heard on phone trying to cry for help from his pals to settle the bills.


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