THERE IS a brewing war between city pastors David  Kiganda and Aloysius Bugingo over singing men and women of God Judith Babirye and Wilson Bugingo.

Pastor Bugingo accuses haters of conspiring against him

Pastor Bugingo

David Kiganda

David Kiganda


A source tells this website that the two top pastors have strongly disagreed over the relationship between the singing pastors and their secular counterparts in the music industry.


The singing pastors in question include Judith Babirye and Wilson Bugembe among a few others.

Sources tell us that Kiganda wants Babirye and Bugembe to immediately dissociate with secular musicians such as Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone.


Recently- it must be noted- that the singing pastors were part of

the big money Tubonga Nawe project that saw various star artistes endorse Yoweri Museveni presidential candidature.


While Kiganda and a few other pastors are against such secular association, pastor Bugingo has come out to publicly endorse his counterparts’ secular activities, something that has rubbed Kiganda and his cohorts the wrong way.


A few weeks ago, Kiganda organized a meeting between himself and Bugingo. Sadly the latter never showed up.


“Kiganda is extremely enraged, he is bitter with Bugingo who he looks at as a young man,” said a source.


Bugingo on the other hand insists that veteran pastors such as Kiganda must appreciate that times have changed and there must be flexibility in the mode of operation.

However some believe Kiganda’s biff with Bugingo is more than just music. It is said he (Kiganda) is biffing Bugingo over Salt FM. The former owns Kingdom FM and looks at the latter as a major business threat.

Watch this space!


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