GONE ARE the days of Shanitah Namuyimba alias Bad Black’s scandalous ways in the city.

She is believed to walk out of Luzira gates on Monday March 14 after serving her prison term; and as you read this she has turned a Christian (born again) and according to her the first thing she will do when out is to hit studio to record a gospel gig.

Bad Black is expected out of jail on Monday next week

Bad Black is expected out of jail on Monday next week (NTV Photo)

In an exclusive interview, Black said prison has rehabilitated her rather than punishing her.


“There are some things I would never have known if I wasn’t in prison. My prison sentence has turned out to be a blessing in disguise; it has taught me discipline which was not the case before.


Previously, I was very arrogant but prison has calmed me and made me a better person. I want to be a better person and live an exemplary life which my son should be proud of. The

old is gone. The bad patch in my life should remain history,” confesses Namuyimba.


She adds, “I got saved some time back though it was not real until 2015 when I became serious and devoted to the faith. I decided to give up the Islamic faith because I feel alive as a Born Again through praise, worship and preaching. Whenever I am distressed, I pray and somehow I feel better. I have also realized that God created me for a purpose. Let me use my renewed life to fulfill that purpose,” she noted.


She also adds that she at the moment having only two friends:


“There is one in prison and another one is called Kimuli. He is the only one who has stood by me, and he’s planning everything out there even my first gospel song (smiles lightly),” Black reveals.


To give you a throwback, 4 years ago, the afterward Anti-Corruption Court Judge Catherine Bamugemereire sentenced Bad Black after finding her guilty of defrauding the British engineer David Greenhalgh of sh11b.


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