Nabila Nagayi

Politics as they say, has never been a clean game, its only the smart who survive in the midst of its waves.

xclusive ug has learnt and is still wondering how Kampala female MP elect Nabila Nagayi Sempala worked wonders.

Insiders from Nabila camp has prior details how she (Nabila) allegedly paid a whooping 10 million shillings to be arrested along with Dr Kizza Besigye.

Insiders have revealed how

this moments during 2016 campaign spanned back Nabila into her woman MP seat.

“All she demanded was to be put in the same car with Besigye”. said a close revealer in Nabila Camp

“she did this well knowing that the Kampala voters will see that she is suffering with their darling Besigye”. the revealer added.

Nabila emerged the best challenging her opponents like Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, a former minister in Buganda government and Shifrah Lukwago.

After her victory, she has not been seen any close to the Colonel again.


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