SUPER HOT Tooro princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale can’t get enough of her new man, Kenyan UK based rapper Kanja.

Ruth Komuntale is in love with the Kenyan

Ruth Komuntale is in love with the Kenyan

Ever since she fell in love with him last year, gorgeous Komuntale has had her eyes only on him.

It is no wonder that the beautiful princess has spent most of her time on social media showering praise on the singer, and posting pictures of the fella for the world to see.



Komuntale met the Kenyan UK based rapper in the United States a few years ago while she

was pursuing her bachelor’s degree of arts in Strategic Public Relations from the American University Washington, DC.


However her former hubby American Christopher Thomas confused or rather swept her off the feet before she could settle with Kanja.

Komuntale is deeply in love

Komuntale is deeply in love

The two (Komuntale and Kanja) became an item following the princess’ broken mmarriage.


And she has never been happier.


A few days ago she posted a picture of herself with a well-built dude and the two look adorable with the caption: “Cherishing the priceless moments”.


Clearly she can’t get enough of him.





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