FORUM FOR Democratic Change (FDC) presidential flag bearer Kizza Besigye has today dismissed veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda’s suggestion of creating a coalition government.



Mwenda today visited Besigye at his home in Kasangati.

While the two had a fruitful discussion, Mwenda admits that the two did not agree on how to run government.

“We held very fruitful discussions on the present and future of Uganda,” Mwenda wrote.

However sources tell this website that the two disagreed on many issues including

how to promote democratic reforms.

Besigye, we are told, also dismissed Mwenda’s idea of working together, rather than working against each other.


Andrew Mwenda

Andrew Mwenda

Mwenda is said to have assured a defiant Besigye how if both sides cannot accommodate each other through compromise, there will never be winners.

“And Uganda will lose,” Mwenda is quoted.


Insiders reveal that Besigye is determined to continue his defiance stance in order to cause regime change.


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