IT HAS been a long time coming, but as every good Ugandan knows, traditional rhythms are something everyone is born with.

Navio will be holding a concert in April

Navio will be holding a concert in April

Navio, original names Daniel Kigozi Lubwama is back with a song filled with cultural pride and artistry. Inspired by his own experiences and

a lifetime of music firsts, Navio has brought a truly Original and African song into the market.


It is a traditional love themed song, with no samples, written with a lyricist’s wit and local chants, interspersed with a few bars of hip-hop rhyme.


No Ugandan artiste has ever managed to get this balance right and Navio does it here effortlessly.


The song was produced by the gifted Producer; Paddy Man at Audio One Studios.


Navcorp is proud to present to you “Njogereza”.



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