UGANDA MUSIC enthusiasts are accusing NTV Uganda of playing ‘too much Nigerian music’ at the expense of local talent.

Douglas Lwanga hosts NTV The Beat, a daily show

Douglas Lwanga hosts NTV The Beat, a daily show

In a letter to this website the FANS OF LOCAL MUSIC, as they address themselves, are worried that this ‘trend is killing Ugandan music with many budding singers’ hopes of ever making it in the music industry crashed.’



The local music fans are worried that lately, most NTV music programs like The Beat, Xpozed among others play more of Nigerian hit songs than Uganda hits.

“Where is the patriotism really? This is killing our music industry,” the letter reads in part.


The letter further reads: “Where as we enjoy Nigerian music, it doesn’t mean every Nigerian song should make it onto our stations – this is not Nigeria! I can see the DJ lined up crappy Nigerian music today at the expense of

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our music. Why would those bogus songs from Dija-Jazzy, Olamide-Patoranking et el play when better local songs are being strangled?”


“Seriously we are not happy. I have been keenly following Douglas Lwanga on The Beat. He should tell his deejays to stop tying (sic) on us that Timaya song that they play regularly. The shows have lately been dominated by Naija music at the expense of good local hits like Pallaso’s Nishike,” the letter continues.


The FANS OF LOCAL MUSIC, further claim that with such trends, good music ‘like Mikie Wine’s Sweet Namata’ never made it on NTV.


“The song was good but it didn’t make it anywhere thanks to bogus music like those Naija songs they play,” the Fans further state.


When contacted a source at NTV insists that Uganda music is definitely given priority. “As long as the song is nice, it is played, there is no question about that,” the source said.


Early last year reports indicated that NTV had planned to charge local musicians for every appearance onset. However management was quick to dispel the talk.



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