Sheila introduced Papa Cidy over the weekend

Sheila introduced Papa Cidy over the weekend

LATEST INFO coming in reveals singer Big Eye’s former cougar cum city socialite Sheila Patience aka Don Zella has thrown baby daddy, Big Eye’s relatives out of her house in Makindye.


This comes months after Big Eye also left for Buziga.



According to Nalongo Don Zella she says

she had spent 2 months in talks with Big Eye’s relatives to leave her house and find somewhere else to stay, or go live with their boy Big Eye but have failed; a thing that has pushed her to simply throw them out.


This eviction comes after another singer Papa Cidy was introduced to Sheila’s parents in Masaka over the weekend.


Previously Sheila dated an old muzungu pensioner before she met Big Eye with who they have a four year child.



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