Stella Nyanzi, Bebe Cool Are Cousins, Singer’s Brother Reveals

When the controversial lecturer stripped naked on Monday while demanding for her office, many came out attacking her for her action. The famous Makerere University lecturer, Stella nyanzi has come to challenge critics who think what she did was far from worse.

She revealed how she has witnessed crazy and worse things in life from seeing her self while giving birth, her first sex experience as she lost her virginity, other nasty cultural rituals among others.

In her words she said “Those that say I am a disgrace to African womanhood because of my bold crassiness and explicit uses

of sexual modes of expression are silly, myopic and dishonest.

They should come see me throwing open my legs wide and apart as I kwawuza to cheering crowds watching me dance the Nankasa- Muwogola of my descendants.

They should have been there to see my exposed forward-thrusting nipples as I attended the Reed Dance for the first time.

They should come and listen to my people speaking liberally about sexual acts and organs, during the kuzina balongo rituals all Baganda do.

I am a proud African woman with jiggly buttocks that witnessed my wide vagina pushing two sons out of my womb that delivered a girl two years before. If I am patient enough to diligently indulge in this trivia, what else will I patiently bid my time about?”.


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