Yoweri Museveni

Yoweri Museveni

FURIOUS PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has directed for the immediate suspension of energy bosses of negligence of work at dam projects.


The president has also ordered for the investigation of the bosses; Eng. Paul Mubiru – Director of Energy Resources, Eng. Henry Birdsall – Igaga project coordinator Karuma, and Ms. Cecilia Menva, project coordinator Isimba dam over neglect of duty following failure to supervise works at the dam projects.


The Contractors have also been issued stern warnings. There have been reports on shoddy works at the ‪Karuma and ‪‎Isimba dam projects.


Last month, Museveni ordered Energy Minister Irene Muloni to crack the whip in the wake of shocking revelations that Karuma and Isimba dam were being constructed in a shoddy way.


In a missive sent on March 22, Museveni said he had

received “disturbing reports” that the work being done on the two dams is substandard because the “owners’ engineers” are either “not serious or they have some other issues.”


In an angry tone, Museveni expressed shock that the engineers “do not detect faults and do not insist on correcting them.”


Museveni is furious over the shoddy working going on at the dams

Museveni is furious over the shoddy working going on at the dams

Energy Ministry Permanent Secretary, Dr Fred Kagambe-Kaliisa recently disclosed that construction work is in the range of 27 – 30 percent complete in terms of civil works completion and that significant progress was made in other critical aspects such as excavation of the powerhouse.


He made the assessment in February during an on-spot field inspection of both Karuma and Isimba Hydropower Projects.


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