AFTER TONS of teasing, and endless streaming of his hit song on numerous radio stations ‘Nice and Good, Ceaserous is to finally release the music video for the single anytime soon.

Ceaserous new video is ready

Ceaserous new video is ready

The video features 3 minutes, 45 seconds of extensive scenery, a collage of well-choreographed dancers and the one and only crooner doing what he

does best for the genre


We approached the ‘Into you’ hitmaker about the video and this is what he had to say;


‘My last two videos were done in South Africa ‘falling in love’ and ‘Into you’ directed by Kyle White. This time, I wanted to have a video done in my hometown Uganda, but to find a director to match the same quality we did previously. We found the director to team up with to give us what we wanted for the production… Jim Resley!’


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