Tough new laws on smoking and tobacco sales have come into force in Uganda.

BBC.COM recently published an article about new tough laws prescribed for all public smoking zones. The Xclusive Ug team then took up to the streets and went on to access scenes and places where public smoking is fond common – Cassablaca bar and laftas bar being top notch places known for their availed business tapping mostly young smokers.

Cassa on a busy Saturday every where is a smokers' Zone

Cassa on a busy Saturday every where is a smokers’ Zone

People lighting up in bars, restaurants or hotels now face being fined $60 (£41) – roughly about 200,000 UGX or face jail for up to two months the article went on to accord.

With the new law, smokers must be at least 50 metres away from public spaces, such as schools, hospitals and taxi ranks.

The article also indicates that the new laws also ban the sale of electronic cigarettes and flavoured tobacco for water pipes or shishas, which have become popular in clubs of the capital, Kampala.


to further anti-smoking measures, the article also reports that  government has banned the sale of single cigarettes and tightened rules on labelling, advertising and selling tobacco to under-21s.

Buying single cigarettes has previously been popular among less well-off smokers.

Our snoops on Saturday night swept most of the clubs where if this law is passed, will most likely be abused.

At Cassablanca, our snoops report to have met several young smokers donned on shisha where literally several urgued about the enforcement – ‘waa oyo mwana charlie kazende boss asaaga.. fe ba charlie mwaana twaaka. Akuna makossa” literally mean that government is on the hoops of a good joke because they cant give up the act.

Rasta Bon Fire of TNS (Team No Sleep) smokes the entire time

Rasta Bon Fire of TNS (Team No Sleep) smokes the entire time

Cassablanca is mostly frequented by active youth, up-coming artists, campusers and  shisha smoking is done 24/7 all year out.

Its remembered that in 2004, a law of sorts was passed which with constitute hear say saw the top tobacco company  BAT close business.

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