THE LAST two weeks or so have not been so good for musician managers, at least some of them.


Two top managers Emma Carlos Mulondo and Jeff Kiwa have dominated media both in negative ways.


While both are undoubtedly great music managers who have a knack for spotting row talent, they are both scandalous in one way or another.


Today we analyse both their strengths and weaknesses.


Emma Carlos

Emma Carlos

Emma Carlos

Emma Carlos has an eye for spotting talent miles before any ordinary person. He is credited for building talent from zero to hero.

He has a good ear for identifying a hit song, eliminating waste of time caused by promoting non hit songs.  His organisation abilities and business skills are recommendable traits he has. His media relations skills are unmatched and are a very convincing and a lobbyist.

However every coin has two sides close people who have worked with him say that he is

short tempered often leading him to mistakes.

Emma has among others managed Dream Galz (now defunct), Coco Finger, Wafagio, Spice Diana, Kalifah Aga Naga among others.


Jeff Kiwa

Jeff Kiwa

Jeff Kiwa

Jeff Kiwa is a top manager. One of his biggest attributes is his unpredictability. He is extremely secretive.  He is also the king of divide and rule.


In the game where loyalty is everything, this skill has worked for him. He has a taste for fine things, a good ear for good music and his pricing skills are unmatched.

It is no wonder that he has managed the very top in the game like Dr. Jose Chameleone, Radio and Weasel and is currently managing the on form Sheebah Karungi.


However Jeff’s good deeds are overshadowed by his dark side. He has several times been linked to witchcraft and violence. As you read this Jeff is in jail and police investigates a case of sacrifice.



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