A DEADLY WAR has erupted between top city businessmen Lawrence Mulindwa, formerly the boss of FUFA, and cosmetics tycoon Michael Mukasa Kasawuli over a woman.

Lillian Nafula

Lillian Nafula

Kasawuli, commonly known as Ssalongo Samona accuses Mulindwa of snatching his wife, Nalongo Lillian Nafula.

Ssalongo Samona

Ssalongo Samona

Samona claims Mulindwa has been seeing his wife behind his back and could be responsible for fathering her twins.

Some time back, Samona shocked pals when he claimed his wife’s twins were not his.


According to sources, Mulindwa met Nafula during her university days. He then bought her a small Starlet car to ease her transport.


Mulindwa’s moments of bliss with the gorgeous lady ended when she later met Samona who swept her off her feet with a Toyota Harrier, and the rest is history.

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id="attachment_22946" style="width: 630px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Lawrence Mulindwa

Lawrence Mulindwa

The pair got married and sired three children.


However all this changed after Mulindwa bounced back, bombarding Nafula with sexy messages. By this time Samona’s marriage with her was not going on well.


“She welcomed Mulindwa as her messiah,” one source said.


Shockingly this is not the first time Samona is accusing his wife of dating city businessmen.

He has also linked the gorgeous woman to a one Kambugu but most prominently, to tycoon Bulaimu Kibirige of Hotel Africana.

Last year, Samona dragged Kibirige also known as BMK to CPS accusing him of taking his wife to beaches and hotels for sex trysts. He then revealed that he had been investigating 11 men over his wife.

Speaking to this website, Mulindwa who also owns St Mary’s Kitende quickly denied the allegations.

He revealed that this is not the first time Samona is alleging such nonsense.


He insisted that he did not know who Nafula was.



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