As many men are dying to have a piece of her deeply locked in supper friend zone, Mark Dikteta who doubles as a radio presenter at Central Broadcasting Service (CBS) and presenter at Biliv Tv has proved how he mastered the art of charm.

The two have never had enough of themselves

The two have never had enough of themselves

The rookie TV presenters

Dikteta and Bukedde Tv “Nezikokolima” program host, Pamela Janella are rumored to be in a glowing illegal intimate. On many occasions, the two have been seen in various spots smitten busy while Dikteta takes on his game as they burn with passion.

Our highly placed sources have not dismissed a possible secret fling while others have rushed to add that the two could be in a process of a serious relationship.

“Dikteta is very much into Janella and admirably, he is ready to spoil her”. an insider confirms

Our Drones will keep watching!!!


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