MUSICIANS MICHAEL Kinene and Doreen Mutibwa are set to officially get married following rumors of their bitter split.

Michael Kinene and Doreen Mutiibwa are an item

Michael Kinene and Doreen Mutiibwa are an item

A few weeks ago it was claimed that the two had separated over some intimate issues.

But singer Kinene has once come out saying he is now set for a formal introduction.


Due to the above, Kinene says he is doing it simply to seal off the haters hotly moving word that they have separated.


In a brief chat with Kinene

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a few days ago, he said that he is still on hunt for the hypocrites who leak his sex secrets before the public.

“Nange (me too) still ne’wunya (wonders) the person moving words mbu (that) we have separated, Can you imagine! I cannot leave my wife; she is the woman I look too and no one else. She loves and I love much that’s why we are set for introductions… now can you introduce someone you have or yet to separate with?” he noted.


However, Kinene says they are yet to communicate the function dates since they want to throw it as a surprise before the woman’s family and their fans as well.




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