TWO MONTHS after NTV Uganda unveiling Revved Up, a motor show, bitter rivals NBS TV are also set to launched a motor show of their own.

NBS TV CEO Kin Kariisa

NBS TV CEO Kin Kariisa

Our sources at the Media Plaza based television tell us that within a few week, NBS TV will premiere Motor Zone to rival NTV’s Revved UP.

Ever since

Revved Up, hosted by Andrew Kabuura, hit the NTV screens, it has attracted various partners including Shell, UAP Insurance among others.

This has prompted NBS TV to come up with a motor show of their own to tap into the insurance and automobile markets.

However many will view this as a sign of lack of creativity with NBS copying almost every show on NTV.

A source at NBS insisted: “No one has a right to an idea. These shows are on television all over the world.”



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