AFTER PERFECTING his Illuminati mission of luring singer Naira Ali into the stated organization, the latest coming in indicates Pomini star Ziza Bafana has ensnared his son Kasendwa Jontana into the cult.

Bafana son Jontana flashing the V- Power Sign

Bafana son Jontana flashing the V- Power Sign

It’s alleged that the singer wants his boy to be a star like him at a younger age.  His son Jontana was seen flashing a V power sign famously known as a peace sign in a photo shot, at a curtain salon in town where they had gone for a haircut a couple days ago.

This sign however is commonly confirmed to be an occult symbol of the Masonic, an organization powering the Illuminati.


According to our expert and a former modern witch we spoke too on terms of anonymity; he started that the peace symbol (also called the ‘broken cross,’ ‘crow’s foot,’ ‘witch’s foot,’

“Nero Cross,” “sign of the ‘broken Jew,’ and the ‘symbol of the ‘anti-Christ’) is actually a cross with the arms broken. It also signifies the gesture of despair and the death of man. He adds that for one to wear or display this symbol is to announce either knowingly or unknowingly that you have rejected Christ.

“It is an ancient and powerful symbol of Antichrist. During the dark ages it was used in Druid Witchcraft and by Satanists of all sorts during the initiation of a new member to their order.

They would draw the magic circle and give the initiate a cross. The initiate would then lift the cross and turn it upside down. He would then renounce Christianity in all three dimensions (sic) of time (past, present and future) and break the horizontal pieces downward forming the design of the ‘Raven’s Foot.

This ugly symbol is nothing short of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. Remember, symbolism is a picture language, and a picture is worth a thousand words,” he revealed.



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