THE JEFF KIWA story continues to be a remarkable tale of scandal and more scandal.

In a scarcely credible plot line, Jeff Kiwa is alleged to have been involved in a plot to sacrifice an 8 year old child from Busia for money.

Jeff Kiwa

Jeff Kiwa

Currently Jeff Kiwa is locked up at SIU in Kireka as investigations into the murder of the young boy continue.

A quick look at Jeff Kiwanuka will give you all that is there to know; BULLY! Jeff Kiwa, as he is popularly known is a quiet fella.

“He is a man of few words,” one of his friends (who requested anonymity for fear of being beaten) told us. With his beer ( Redds) in his hands and a Rex cigarette in the other, Jeff will even ignore you if you say hi. He only talks to people his friends and they are not many.


His friends are producers, few musicians, deejays, presenters and promoters. This directly contributed to his success. They are responsible for the success of his artistes’ music. And since he came into the picture, Jeff has managed Jose Chameleone and the Good Lyfe, before taking on the likes of Sheebah Karungi, currently the hottest Ugandan music.

He has also managed many other small artistes like Roden Y among others. All these careers’ are on the rise.


It is no doubt that Chameleone, Radio and Weasel have been at the centre of the biff in the local music industry. Chameleone’s wars with Bobi Wine (back in the day) and Bebe Cool are well documented. And so are the wars between Good Lyfe and Bebe.


It is no doubt that now Jeff and his boy Radio are fighting. It is only to do with Radio reuniting with Chameleone and Bebe. Jeff was strongly against it as he believed Good Lyfe would only be on top if they biffed the big boys. This brought the split between Good Lyfe with Jeff Setting up Team No Sleep.


Today we profile Jeff Kiwanuka…

Who Is Jeff Kiwa?

Jeff Kiwanaka turned himself into a prolific artiste manager in the Ugandan music industry that he joined in 2004.

Jeff Kiwa

Jeff Kiwa

He introduced the feuds in the music industry as a strategy of making the music industry competitive by emulating the American gangstar rappers and Jamaican dancehall artistes. He has managed Jose Chameleone, the GoodLyfe boys Moze Radio and Weasel. He now manages AK47, Sheeba, Pallaso and Bakri.


How Jeff Joined The Music Industry

Like any other fan those days, during evening hours he could go chill at DV8 where he could wait and talk to the then celebrities like Bella, Ragga Dee, Benon and Vampos, Red Banton, Kid Fox, the then city limit crew of Dr propa, Jose Chameleone, Lizard (now Pallaso) among others. It’s from here where he became friends with Raga Dee and started distributing and partly managing his music. They became so close and Jeff started camping at Raga Dee’s home in Makindye.

Just before one month had elapsed as Ragga Dee had gone to the States for a music show one of his relatives called and informed him how Jeff was wearing all his expensive baggy clothes and sleeping with babes in his bed.

Without informing anyone about his comeback into the country, Ragga Dee found Jeff red-handed along Wilson road in his expensive T-shirt and Jeans and immediately sacked him and told him never to go back at his home and his life on street as everyone looked on.


Jeff Meets Chameleone

Jeff Kiwa successfully managed Chameleone, one of the most cunning Ugandan artistes

Jeff Kiwa successfully

managed Chameleone, one of the most cunning Ugandan artistes

After leaving Ragga Dee Jeff went back to his usual work along Wilson Street, selling and dealing in cell phones, mp3 players and bling bling in the year 2005. During that time Jeff’s brother Henry Kiwanuka (RIP) owned a music library, which was located at Ivory Plaza where he used to work.


Sources reveal that this library was next to Jose Chameleone’s elder brother Humphrey Mayanja’s shop and opposite was DJ Rota’s Rainbow promotion shop. This gave a chance to Jeff to befriend Chameleone who used to frequent his brother’s shop and Dj Rota’s music Agency.


Proof has it that by then artistes didn’t have managers but because Chameleone had many shows and bookings, his elder brother Humphrey advised him to pick on Jeff as to help him collect money from the different promoters then.


They became so close and Jeff became the first manager and stylist for Chameleone as he used to bring him Mp3 players, bling bling and clothes from Owino.

During his stay at Leone Island Jeff brought in artistes like Mose Radio, the late Mr. X , Cox and later Red Banton who had started losing popularity.


How They Separated

Chameleone realized that Jeff was not reporting most of his money from the different shows and promoters and it’s said that at the time of their separation Jeff was almost richer than Chameleone since he owned and managed most of the local shows. On top of that it’s said that during his stay at the Leone Island most of Chameleone’s friends and crew members had started pointing out Jeff as selfish, a rumormonger and was rumoured to be performing witchcraft to bring down their boss because at the time Chameleone was facing a lot of family and business problems.


They continue and say that the ‘Nekolela mali’ superstar in 2008 immediately sacked Jeff and called in a Hajji (Sekka) from Mitiyana at his home, prayed for the whole house, sprinkled water around the compound and dug out staff that included human teeth, nails, hair and juju like gears and told Chameleone to throw them outside the perimeters of his house.

Jeff took Radio and Weasel to the top

Jeff took Radio and Weasel to the top

It was after then that Jeff persuaded Radio and Weasel to form Good Lyfe. The rest is history.


Good Lyfe Splits, TNS Is Born

Some years back trouble developed between Jeff Kiwa and Moze Radio, the lead singer in the dynamic duo Radio and Weasel.

Radio was fed up with Jeff and wanted to move on. Naturally Weasel followed suit and Jeff was abandoned. Everyone thought his career as a prolific music manager was done.

Jeff Kiwa, late AK47 and Sheebah

Jeff Kiwa, late AK47 and Sheebah

How wrong! Jeff formed Team No Sleep and recruited relatively fair musicians who he has turned into superstars. Most notably ofcourse is Sheebah Karungi.

Currently Sheebah is the most trending, sought after and selling local Ugandan musician. And this is majorly thanks to Jeff.


AK47 Death

However not all has been on a roller coaster ride. TNS almost crumbled following the death of AK47. Following the death of the young Mayanja singer, Pallaso quit TNS and many blamed Jeff for the death.

Chameleone composed a song accusing Jeff of failing to take care of his young brother AK47 for just months.

There is no doubt Jeff Kiwa is a supremely talented music manager. However many argue he has achieved his star status through foul play. It is no wonder many people believe he is genuinely linked to the various sacrifice scandals he has been named in.

However only the arm of the law can implicate him.





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