The king Of new genre, Bax-Ragga a fusion of Bakisimba and Ragga, Aziz Azion has finally admitted to fading music career and decided to gripe a collaboration with reigning female singer of the year, Sheebah Karungi.


This follows buzz that has been making rounds saying Sheebah Karungi and “winner” singer Aziz Azion are possibly dating.

We can reliably confirm that the two are not in any intimacy sort, They have been working together on a music project.
According to Sheebah,

the two are only business partners now working on a song called “Omulembe”.

“I have been Aziz Azion’s fan for quite some time! I find him extremely talented and I like how he handles himself in this weird industry. When my manager told me Aziz wanted me to feature on his song, I was so happy and humbled”.

she said dispelling all claims that they are up to something else other than business.

Aziz n Baby Mama

Aziz n Baby Mama

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