SOCIALITE GARETH Onyango is being accused by a friend of ‘selling’ his wife Nickita Bachu to loaded men for money.
In a long rant, a one Daniel, claims Gareth sets his lady Nickita to sleep around with loaded fellas for money. In his claim, Daniel names some of Nickita and Gareth’s clients.
Gareth with Nickita and their daughter

Gareth with Nickita and their daughter

He also claims that Nickita’s daughter is actually not Gareth’s.
Here is the scathing attack on Gareth:
Dear Mr Gareth.
This this should sound a strong warning to you Mr church mouse. You have been hurling insults and bull****** us for a while now. You and Mrs Nickita Bachu a blood sucking, shameless, undisciplined, ill-mannered prodigal daughter of a Bachu family in Kabale started this deal of selling Bachu’s p**** to rich men yourself.
Please don’t blame your stupidity on us my dear. You started this, I believe your current deal of detoothing Mr Jimmy a businessman in Kampala has finally fallen on dead ground.
You sold her to Mr Sean Kijjambu for a mere bottle of Jameson whiskey. You sold her to Mr Ham Mitala a loan shark in Kampala and also the father of the young daughter you claim to be your child.
Also your buddies from a well-known p**** hunting YOLO group have enjoyed her in exchange for cheap whiskeys. You are very well aware that the Bachu family in Kabale hates you for disgracing their family as you continue to use their daughter to detooth rich men in Kampala.”
Gareth is yet to respond to the allegations.

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