With no doubt, 4th September 2016 went down to books of history as one of the best nights in Uganda, Uganda Cranes happened again after a 39 years Afcon qualifier drought.

All Ugandans were in a celebratory mood and this was understandable, but for Eddy Kenzo, he was hitting two birds with one stone.


Cheered with lots of hopes, well planed and strategized by Airtel as the official sponsor of Uganda Cranes and Eddy Kenzo concert, it happened,

Cranes triumphed Comoros.

After the cranes match all roads turned to Freedom City where Kenzo was performing.

All the fans especially those residing around Entebbe headed to Freedom city, it got to a point where the hall was so full that the ushers had to stop most of the revelers from accessing the concert venue.

It was evident that three quarters of the people inside the massive hall were donning Uganda Cranes shirts.

With this calculations we can surely say Airtel contributed greatly to Eddy Kenzo’s concert a cooperate company for which he represents as it’s brand Ambassador.


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