KU this week woke up to another shocker after fire gutted a recently restocked computer lab at Kampala University’s Nursing School in Mutundwe, Kampala and left dozens of high-end computers, servers and other critical ICT gadgets up in smoke.


The sorrowful owner of KU Prof. Badru Kateregga, told a news conference that the fire gutted the computer lab located at the University’s Nursing and School, which according to insiders, was the University’s central data storage point.

Professor Kateregga said that the burnt properties, which included brand new Mac computers, a server, were valued in Billion of shillings.

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“on a sad note I wish to inform you that on 4th -09-2016 at 12:00am fire guttered our computer laboratory for this campus and it burnt all computers and the server,” Kateregga

Although Police is still investigating the cause of fire, Kateregga blames it on ill-hearted and envious persons.

The incident left three students with minor injuries during the inferno although no one was killed.

This is the second fire in ten months after the December inferno that burnt the University’s Kenyan House which Prof. Kateregga also attributes to arsonists.



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