After a break away Eagles band, now Golden band, Geoffrey Lutaaya one of the directors in the Parent Eagles has never been settled.

Close drones inside has told us that Lutaaya has been in serious talks with Golden band’s Catherine Kusasira and soon, we may see this influential female singer at NU Eagles again after it’s revamp.

Kusasira n Lutaaya

Sources say Lutaaya and Kusasira have come together again after a period of separation or disunity for an intended course not

far from causing mayhem in Golden band.

To confirm this, Kusasira recently went to Obligato and knelt in front of Lutaaya before revealers and asked for his forgiveness, Lutaaya declared that he had forgiven her and all that she said were just words fed to her by people he didn’t mention.

Lutaaya went ahead lamenting to his fans that Kusasira grew musically in his hands and he has no problems with her at all.

Sources in Golden band Productions have told this website that Kusasira has been summoned to explain her move and thus she might be expelled, something Lutaaya is devoutly praying for!


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