It is well known that when musicians get half of the house attendees, they all claim that their shows were massive. By look of Pallaso’s recent concluded show, it was massively attended because he scored thousands of revelers at a venue that can hold 25 thousand people.


Bebe Cool tactically mastered it that a full house at his cooperate venue zeros down to only 2 thousand people. This is why Lutaaya chooses Obligato

as his main venue. For the same reason, Navio has decided to opt for a smaller and inexpensive venue, for his Njogereza album launch slated at Garden City roof top this September.

As we unmasked all this strategy, a renown city music promoter has revealed to this website that promoters no longer have the guts to invest millions of shillings in buying out launches for fear to recover their inputs.

It is only fair that many of them can only afford smaller venues that will not cause them losses.


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