City marketers Gareth Onyango and his baby mama Nickita Bachu, who are known to several Kampala partiers, and in this instance whose split is spreading like a bush fire are said to be in such a situation due to former Club Guvnor PRO Pherrie Kimbugwe’s closeness to Gareth.

Nikita  shuns her former sweetheart  Gareth Onyango  at ....during Navio's Njogereza concert

Nikita shuns her former sweetheart Gareth Onyango at ….during Navio’s Njogereza concert

Gareth and Nickita split after counter accusations of unfaithfulness to each other. Our Snoops intimate that “Whereas Gareth accuses Nickita of mingling him with city lawyer Samuel Muyizi, James Baliruno and other dudes, she also accuses him of indulging into romantic rendezvous with Pheri and several of her other friends. However, for Pherrie, what hurts Nickita most is

that she was her close friend.” The Snoops add that “Nickita never expected Pheri to go in for Gareth and to make matters worse, sometimes they even romanced in her presence.” Pherrie is however married to Abdul Lubwma, a Ugandan serving in the US Marine.

Gareth Onyango cuddles Pherrie Kimbugwe's fingers while talking to Nickita recently

Gareth Onyango cuddles Pherrie Kimbugwe’s fingers while talking to Nickita recently

After sensing the bitter rift between Gareth and Nickita, Pherrie decided to take back and concentrate on Lubwama, who is often away on duty. The split between Gareth and them has worsened to the extent she has started keeping up appearances with him in public places and avoiding being close to Gareth in pictures, yet they used to pull passionate poses in pictures during their heydays.


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