A LOT IS said before people of your village can see your importance and this we know because the Kenyans did it to Obama before he became president of a foreign country.

Desire Luzinda

Now our own Desire Luzinda of the “Ekitone” fame was honored in Sweden; this is not because of her said hard work and success in life as a strong and ambitious lady. She clinched the “artist of the Year” in recently

concluded Africa Crown Music International Awards 2016 held in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

We however put this success in question since the parameters they used can only be revealed by those who awarded her.

The other Ugandan artists on the nomination list were little known Rashy K and Joanita. And for some reason Desire Luzinda was not on the full list of the 13 nominated artists but some how somewhere she won. We set the ball to you to judge since this success is still a joke to Ugandan music industry.


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