All is not well with Mzee Gerald Mayanja’s family after another babe claiming to be late singer Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47’s widow surfacing, with tot she claims is his child.

Ak 47's claimed baby

Ak 47’s claimed baby

Trouble started when the girl identified as Sifa Babirye, who is based abroad, shocked the nation early this week by uploading on social media pictures of a one- year-girl whom she is wishing a happy birthday and claiming is AK47’s daughter.

Our Snoops intimate that when news reached the Mayanja family that another AK47’s widow and child had surfaced, the entire family went into disarray. This is because whereas some family members who include Mrs. Prossy Mayanja, Pallaso, and others argue that Babirye and her child should be recognized as part of the Mayanja family, Jose Chameleone,

Weasel , Mzee Mayanja and others are against the idea, reasoning that the child must be subjected to DNA test to establish her paternity first.

Sifa Babirye, who claims to be AK47's widow

Sifa Babirye, who claims to be AK47’s widow

Snoops reveal that in doing so, the family wants to avoid scenarios like what happened between them and AK47’s other widows who include Nalongo Maggie Kiwesi and Maryan Abdul, whose kids have several unanswered questions.

Chameleone and others who are against the idea of just accepting Babirye and her hot argue that if she is not a schemer why did she wait up to this time to surface with a kid and why did she not show up at AK47’s burial so as to be recognized as one of widows with an orphan?
Watch this space for details.


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