THERE IS a an ongoing feud seemingly you can call it battle of words going on between Diamond Platinum’s mother, his ex-girlfriend (Wema Sepetu) and current wife “Zari Hassan” rocking media houses all over East Africa particularly Tanzania.


Apparently, Diamond’s Mum and Wema Sepetu are in force to remove Zari from Diamond’s life.

This is not going on

well with Diamond despite several requested to his mum to respect his wife (Zari)

Diamond says Zari means the world to him.

Controversially, Diamond’s mother is unhappy with the couple to the extent of saying publically that her son Diamond) is too young to marry a mother of seven Zari has three children from her first marriage).

However, other sources claim that Zari’s mother-in-law wants her son Diamond to get back to his ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu.

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