SK MBUGA SCORES LEILA? Singer Rumored Preggars

FOR LONG, Manifesto singer Leila Kayondo has been hanging out with her best friend, singer and actress, Hellen Lukoma.

She has proved to her Ex-lover city tycoon SK Mbuga and haters how happy and comfortable she is in her new life after deciding to move on as a single lady.

It should be remembered that SK Mbuga, Leila’s ex-lover, threw her out for another woman named Vivienne Birungi who are set to wed this year. Leila has been seen of late flying from

one night club to another, her friendship with fellow struggling singer Hellen Lukoma has hit a worrying point, the two gals have been snooped out snogging each other frequently.

Leila and Lukoma in snogavitch

Leila and Lukoma in snogavitch

“Am now doing whatever my heart tells me to do without anyone obstacles, thanks to all my family, friends and fans. Am now happy that my heart has healed, am free as a butterfly on a sunny day” Leila said

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