BETTING CAN be a very profitable way to earn large amounts of money. But, at the same time it can easily ruin someone’s capabilities and Kazoora has fallen a prey of sort.

Many people might be despairing at the idea of four years of Donald Trump, but one city bar owner identified as Jonathan K has reasons to celebrate.

JK is not a happy man

JK is not a happy man

Our sources have prior information about celebrated city events MC

and former Buddies bar boss, Junior Dave Kazoora who is reportedly crying foul after losing 5 Million shillings stake placed on Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump Winning.

Kazoora lost to Jonathan having placed a slew of bets on Clinton’s political ascent, immediately after Trump topped Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential election as anticipated by Jonathan, Kazoora was forced to payoff 5 million shillings to Jonathan.


“Kazoora and Jona put their necks on the line but one got it wrong,” Jona is in business after making right predictions that Trump would win. Jona became certain three days earlier that he would win,” said an insider

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